Frequently asked questions

1. - Colour and size
1.1 Are there more colours than black?

Yes! We launched LINJA to introduce the Little Black Dress of high heels. In line with this, we have a core collection of only our black high heels.

However, we have a special limited edition in the month of December 2017 of 8 new colours! Please click here for more information. 

In the future we will add new variations, so if you wish to be informed, sign up for our newsletter.


1.2 Can I order half sizes?

Yes! You can order from size 34 until size 42 and all the half sizes in between!


1.3 Can I compare a LINJA shoe size with the shoe size I am used to?

We highly recommend to stop by at one of our events, so you can try on a pair of LINJA's, especially when you order the limited edition, who will be custom made for you.

Otherwise, please use our size guide to determine your LINJA shoe size. Because our shoes are unique, the size of your pair of LINJA shoes can diverge from the shoe size you are used to. 


However, it is also important to note that if you have wider feet than average, you may need to order half a size bigger than the size guide indicates. And vice versa when you have narrow feet than average, you may need to order half a size smaller than the size guide indicates.


1.4 How high is the heel?

The heels of a pair of LINJA shoes is optional: you can choose between a 10 cm high heel and a 8 cm high heel.

The 10 cm (or 4 inches) high heel feels like a 7 or 8 cm high heel. Due to the design many women indicate it feels lower and this is because we distribute your bodyweight more equally over the total sole of the pumps (and thus less pressure at the ball of you feet). This is a result of the special construction that we have developed.

And therefore the 8 cm (or 3 inches) high heel feels like a 5 or 6 cm high heel!


2. - Events
2.1 Where can I try on a pair of LINJA shoes?

We have in the month of December two events:

- we will be present at the Masters of Luxury at the RAI Amsterdam from Thursday 7th of December until Monday 11th of December 2017.

- we will also be part of the CIRCL Xmas Fair at the CIRCL building, Zuidas Amsterdam from Wednesday 13th of December until Saturday 16th of December 2017.


3. - Delivery and returns
3.1 I live outside of the Netherlands, is it possible to buy a pair of LINJA shoes?

At this moment LINJA shoes are exclusively sold within the following EU countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, UK, Denmark and Germany.


Sign up for our newsletter to be informed when we will expand to other countries. 


3.2 How long do I have to wait before my pair of LINJA shoes will be delivered?

You will receive your LINJA shoes the following (working) day within the Netherlands. For the other European countries where we deliver our shoes, it will take between 2 and 3 working days.


4. - LINJA shoes
4.1 What makes a pair of LINJA shoes so special?

LINJA shoes are the finest stylish and comfortable high heels in the world. The secret is hidden inside. Invisible to the eye, tangible for the feet. For a more detailed description, click here.


4.2 Where are LINJA shoes made?

LINJA shoes are handmade in Italy with the finest quality materials and manufactured by the best Italian craftsmen. For more information, click here.